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Research Buyer's Guide (RBG)

The only source of accredited research suppliers in the UK and Ireland

Research Live

The definitive source of research news and opinion

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The world authority on research methodologies and techniques

Fair Data

The Fair Data mark helps consumers recognise who they can trust

Geodemographics (GKB)

For people interested in the application of geodemographics and big data

Research for small businesses

Tips and case studies for how SMEs can use research to grow their business.

Recruiter Accreditation

The RAS website provides training materials for use by qualitative research recruiters.


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The Research Buyers Guide is the only source of accredited market and social research organisations in the UK and Ireland. Featuring over 300 suppliers and offering the full range of research specialisms, this is the definitive starting point for high quality research. Whatever your sector or budget.



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Find out about new online features and opportunities to promote your business.


New website helps small and medium businesses

Tips and case studies for conducting cost effective market research.


Find out the best processes for procuring high-quality market research.


Ten top tips for buying research and insight

A quick guide to procuring market research.



Our newsletters cover the latest MRS events, policy updates and research news.

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